Zensah Seamless Sports Bra Review

Zensah Seamless Sports Bra Review
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Zensah Seamless Sports Bra: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • High support running bra
  • Seamless design
  • 15 colors to choose from

What We Don't Like

  • Not suited for larger cup sizes
  • Pricey

Deciding to buy your first sports bra or a new sports bra can be daunting. Sports bras are available in many different designs, colors, support levels, and sizes. Breasts that are bouncing around causing you pain and discomfort can interfere with training and make it incredibly difficult to keep fit.

Equally, you also don’t want a sports bra so tight that it restricts your breathing. It is not as simple as seeing a sports bra that looks good, you need to consider cup size, support level, the sport you will be doing, and you need to find the perfect-fitting sports bra.

Zensah Seamless Sports Bra Review

The seamless sports bra from Zensah is a racerback sports bra for added support. Based in South Florida, Zensah was founded in 2004 and has been manufacturing top-of-the-range compression apparel that is trusted by top athletes and sportswomen around the globe. The Zensah vision is to help athletes achieve their goals and ultimate performance while in total and ultimate comfort.

Who is this product for?

While this particular sports bra has been designed for running, it can be worn for any other sports from yoga to cycling. It fits most body types and is best suited for cup sizes A-B. The sizes range from S to XL, however, larger cup sizes may not get the necessary support for running. However, it offers great support and comfort for other lower-impact sports.

What’s included?

The Zensah sports bras are sold as single items and not in packages so your order will include one Zensah running sports bra in the size and color of your choice. It will arrive ready to wear, although it is always recommended to wash undergarments before wearing them for the first time.

Overview of features

Made in the US, the Zensah sports bra is constructed using 94% nylon and 6% spandex for the solid color bras and a combination of 49% polyester, 41% nylon and 10% spandex for the heather-colored bras. It features the latest technologies and designs which include moisture-wicking technology which helps draw moisture away from your body so no matter how intense and sweaty your workout, you will always feel dry and confident.

The racerback gives added support and also helps you to move freely without restriction. The seamless construction and design of the Zensah was specially made to avoid chafing, pinching or any other discomfort during your workout.

With 15 different colors which include solid colors and heather colors available it's easy to co-ordinate with your existing gym wear collection. The Zensah sports bra is a high-support bra that has been designed especially for running, and ladies with smaller cup sizes will experience a pleasant running experience with ultimate comfort and support.

How to get the most out of it

As with any sports bra, the best way to prolong its lifetime is by taking proper care of it and carefully washing it. Only gentle and nonabrasive detergents should be used for washing your sports bra and you should never use bleach and fabric softener. Heat will stretch and make your sports bra lose its shape which will reduce its support, comfort, and performance. For this reason, always use a cold wash and never dry your bra in the dryer.

While machine washing is possible, the best wash is a cold hand wash and then hang to dry. Never wear your bra more than once without washing it in between wears. Be sure to wash as soon after use as possible to reduce the risk of sweat stains settling in the fabric.

If you are shopping on a budget and looking for a cheaper option, you may want to take a look at the Oalka Racerback Sports Bra. It offers many of the same features as the Zensah sports bra but comes with a much lower price tag. It is also a running sports bra but offers medium support so also best suited for the smaller cup sizes. Available in 11 colors, cheaper doesn’t mean that your choices are limited


As with most sports bras. the Zensah running sports bra caters perfectly for smaller cup sizes but leaves the larger cup sizes hanging, so to speak. It is definitely a great option and one of the best sports bras for running for the smaller cup sizes.

The color choices are great and vast with 15 colors and designs to choose from. It may be a bit above some budgets, but it will be well worth spending that little extra. If comfort and support are what you are looking for, then the Zensah is definitely the best sports bra for you.