Which Sports Bra Trends Work Best?

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Most women are familiar with sports bras. We wear them to the gym, to yoga, or maybe even to walk the dog. Some women sleep in them, and some enjoy wearing them even more often. However, how much do we really know about which sports bra styles are best for our workout, and which sports bra trends take the benefit out of wearing one in the first place?

We are going to go over some of the trends and styles that are popular in 2019. With summer quickly approaching, we’ve gone over some of the styles that’ll be perfect for protecting the girls on those sunny morning runs and which are only any good for the Instagram shots.

Level of Activity

When reviewing modern sports bra styles, you will need to consider the level of activity that you will be doing. Whether you are running a marathon or kickboxing will determine the type of sports bra that you will need.

High Impact

This is any sport that requires a moderate to high amount of movement, jumping, running etc. This creates the need for maximum support to keep everything where it should be. High impact activities include running, basketball, and mountain biking.

Medium Impact

Medium impact activities involve less jumping and movement. This means you will need a bra that is somewhat supportive but can still be less restrictive than a high impact one. Medium impact activities include light jogging, power walking, and medium intensity strength training.

Low Impact

Low impact sports like yoga don’t require you to restrict breast movement as much. In these situations, you can mostly wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will still need reasonably good support and protection but on a much smaller scale.



Types of Sports Bras

Compression Sports Bras

We will get started with one of the most popular and straightforward types of bras. This is one that every woman has worn at some point in her life. The simple and reliable compression type. It is typically pulled over the head, and like its name states, compresses the breasts against the chest. It does not come with built-in cups.

In short, a compression type of bra is best suited for low impact activities such as walking, yoga, and strength training. They are best suited for women that want the ultimate compression to hold everything in place while doing workout activities.

Our top choice for the best compression bra will have to be the Nike Women’s Victory Compression Sports Bra. It is simple and functional. It offers a high rate of compression so that it could be suitable for women of all sizes. It also comes in a variety of colors to keep you looking stylish. It offers excellent seams to maintain maximum comfortability all day.


The next type of sports bra that we are going to talk about is called encapsulation. This has more recently become a trend because it provides for a more form-fitting and natural look. Women started buying this type because it fits more like a regular bra than a sports bra.

An encapsulated bra is one that has defined individual cup structures that allow for feminist bust shape and great support. This is the perfect one to wear with or without a shirt and still look stunning. It is best suited for almost any cup size. It is also great for low to medium impact activities, such as jogging, skiing, or fast-paced strength training.

Compression and Encapsulation

A premium collaboration between encapsulation and compression creates a whole new world of activewear for women. These bras are a marriage of the two types that we previously discussed. Only recently have these become available on the market, and they are sure to be a hit this summer.

This particular type usually has a bit of compression combined with an individual cup. This allows for the ultimate distribution of weight, so you will not have any issues with rubbing or skin irritation. They are usually best for high-impact activities that still allows for a feminine look under shirts.


Styles of Sports Bras

Now that we have discussed the different types, we can move on to the different styles. This is where aesthetics meets functionality. Some forms may serve the purpose of looking great, but also individual styles may be necessary depending on the level of activity that you will be doing. The outline below will guide you in selecting the perfect mixture of beauty and function.


This style of a sports bra is usually associated with the encapsulated type. This means that it offers maximum support with a specific cup structure. It will also come with an underwire in the band. This allows you to participate in high impact workouts, but still maintain the natural look of a normal bra.

For this style, we recommend the Freya Active Sonic Underwired Moulded Bra. This comes with a beautiful molded design, which will support larger cup sizes as well as small ones. The underwire and encapsulation ensure that your breasts will be the last thing you have to worry about during your workout.


Racerback style has always one of the most popular and classic styles of sports bras and we do not see it slowing down any time soon. . The great thing about racerback style is that it reduces shoulder pressure. This makes it ideal for running or rowing. It is also great for larger cup sizes.

The top pick in a broad category is the ShockAbsorber Ultimate Fly Bra. This one is the perfect racerback style for any occasion. It allows for a full range of motion and also looks great in the back for wearing with a tank top.


Next on our list is the criss-cross style. This style is very strappy and elegant on the back. It is similar to the racerback style in that it alleviates shoulder stress. It also allows for maximum range of motion during exercise, making it a good option for women with larger cup sizes and or for high impact sports.

The best option in this category is the Under Armour Women’s Armour Medium Impact Crossback. This option allows your shoulders to move when engaging in medium impact activities.


Front-clasp style bras are also somewhat of a new trend in activewear for women. The main draw to this style is that it is easy on and easy off. This is a perfect design for post-surgery or quick changes between lunch breaks at work.

The best overall choice for the front fastening style is the Odlo Double High Support Sports Bra. This one is the perfect fit for this category. It looks great and also offers the most support in its class.



Hopefully this guide has helped you understand some sports bra trends and that you can get a jumpstart on your summer shopping by finding the right one for you! Let us know what sports bras you’re living for right now!


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