How Sports Bras Improve Your Workout

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Do you know that wearing the right sports bra can enhance your workout? As you might already know, there’s a link between your breast size and exercise. Large breasts, specifically, may restrict women to do active workouts.

Australian researchers found out that workout time decreases as the breast size increases. Also, small breasted women are more active than the large breasted ones. This is where the power of sports bras come into play.


Types Of Sports Bras

There are basically two types of sports bras available today: encapsulation and compression. Let’s get to know each one of them below.

  • Encapsulation Sports Bras: The function of these bras is to surround every breast individually. They work as a normal bra but are more effective in preventing breast movement during a workout.
  • Compression Sports Bras: These bras press your breast against the chest. They’re perfect for those with small breasts but medium-sized chests can still use them when performing low-impact exercises.

Right now, manufacturers try to create a sports bra that’s a combination of these two types. The hybrid design is even more efficient than encapsulation or compression alone bras.

So how does a good sports bra boost your workout performance?


  1. Give Support

A good sports bra offers you the right support to make you feel secure both mind and body. This high level of security allows you to focus more on training and not on your wardrobe.

Most types of exercise move your breasts up and down, even if you’re a AA cup. Now, this is a serious matter as it can pose a dangerous risk to your health. Too much movement stretch or break down the Cooper’s Ligaments. Once this gets torn, there’s no turning back as no treatment can restore the ligaments back to life.

The use of sports bras control those movements. A nice-fitted sports bra minimizes the movement of the bust even when you walk. Normal bras may be created to restrict breasts from bouncing up and down but they can’t stop them from moving sideways as sports bras do. Recent research has discovered that sports bras minimized the bust movement by 53% for A cup women and 55% for G-cup women.


  1. Increase Comfort

Underwires may help lift your breast to make you look sexy but they only bring discomfort when they start to dig into your skin. Loose straps and hooks are other banes of using a regular bra. When any of these things happen to you during the workout, you can’t help but lose focus and perform poorly.

A sports bra is the solution to all these problems as they give ample support when doing strenuous exercises. They’re also designed to control your body temperature and prevent you from feeling too hot after doing an intense workout. The fabrics used are usually breathable that can help you feel cool and prevent from sweating too much.


  1. Avoid Being Stared At

If you find it uncomfortable to have people staring at your boobs while doing your workout routine, then a good sports bra might be perfect. A sports bra snugs your breasts firmly without attracting too much attention. When you feel at ease, you can perform your workout routine without those unnecessary stares.


  1. Relieve Pain

Too much movement of your breast can also cause pain, especially in your back and the breast itself. Sports bras are specially made to reduce the movement of your breast, hence reduce the pain that might develop in your back and bust.

If you feel any bust pain after exercising, you may consult an expert to help you get the right sports bra fitting. Visit your physician if the pain still persists even If you wear a good sports bra.


Regardless of what form of exercise you do, purchasing a high-quality sports bra is similar to purchasing a good pair of shoes. A good sports bra will offer ample support to your body and improve your workout activities.


Finding the Right Sports Bra

We know that it’s hard to find the perfect sports bra so we try to make it easier for you. Here’s a simple guideline to help you find the right sports bra for your size.


  1. Know Your Cup Size

The first thing you need to do is to know the size of your breasts. Are you A cup, B cup, or C cup? If you don’t know, get a professional fitting that’s often offered in many lingerie shops.


  1. Consider What Activities You Do

When selecting a sports bra, ensure that you match it to the level of exercise that you’re planning to do. Sports bras aren’t tailored for one activity. They offer different designs to cater to various activity levels: low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact.

For activities that don’t require much bounce, like yoga and Pilates, a low-impact sports bra is enough. A medium-impact sports bra is good for activities that have not much up and down movement, like jogging and weightlifting. Look for high-impact sports bras if you usually do intense workouts, like boxing, running, and dancing.


  1. Examine The Straps

The straps can also do wonders for the support you’ll get from a sports bra. There are three types of straps you need to consider: adjustable, wide, and criss-cross.

Adjustable straps are perfect if you have a very short or very long torso as you can adjust the length to your own body size. Wider straps are good for those with bigger breasts as they offer more support and help you focus on your intense workout. For weightlifting and other exercises that need shoulder freedom, criss-cross straps provide the best support.


  1. Aim for Comfort

More than the support, you want something comfortable to wear during a workout. Ensure that the bra is breathable to prevent your boobs from getting sweaty. Forget the underwire and padding because they’re more for aesthetics than comfort.

Technological developments in fabrics have made fabrics that can wick away the sweat from your body. These modern fabrics are used by sports bras to offer more comfort to their customers. Other fabrics are made to be lightweight but offer warmth during the cold season.



  1. How do sports bras work?

Sports bras are made with a unique interior structure. Some have built-in shock absorber to minimize breast movement. This engineered solution minimizes bounce and helps moderate movement.

The main benefit? An increased ability to focus on your workout activities without the disturbance of your breast weight’s movement.


  1. Do I need a sports bra even if Im small breasted?

Yes, you still need to wear a sports bra even if you’re an AA cup. A sports bra is important to give support to your breast no matter what it is. The key is to choose one that gives the right fit.


  1. Can I wear a sports bra every day?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra every day. They’re more practical than the regular bra because they give ample support, comfort, and modest coverage to your breasts. These bras also bring more flair to your outfit as some of them are made with trendy designs.


  1. How frequent should you replace your sports bra?

Like any apparel, you should replace your sports bra when they’re worn out. The best time to replace them is when they no longer provide the adequate support you need to perform your workout routines more effectively. This relies on the amount of stress your bra has undergone and how frequent it’s used.

In general, sports bras need to be replaced after eight months or 1-1/2 year. Most women don’t realize that sports bras get worn out even if you use them for 1-2 hours every day. Using a worn-out sports bra will cause tension in your back and chest.


Final Thought

It’s clear to see that sports bras are as important as a pair of comfortable shoes when it comes to workout. They give the right support in your bust area and gives you better workout performance. Just make sure that you get the right size that fits your body shape and size.