Best Sports Bra of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Sports Bra of 2018
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For any woman, choosing the correct and best sports bra for the type of sport they want to do is of the utmost importance.

The value of a perfect fitting sports bra should never be underestimated as ultimately it could be the difference between enjoying the workout or sport or not enjoying it.

There is nothing more frustrating than an uncomfortable bra or when it does not give the support necessary for the sport you are doing. Ever tried running with the girls bouncing around with every step you take?

If so you will know how uncomfortable and sometimes even painful it can be. All of which could be avoided by wearing the best sports bra for you.

Best Sports Bra Reviews

1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

This racerback sports bra from FITTIN comes highly recommended for Pilates, weight training, and yoga. It is a sleek and soft feel women’s comfort flex fit racer-back bra. It is designed for low-med impact activity and offers all-day comfort. It boasts a clasp-free design, pullover style and features wide shoulder straps for a supportive fit.

Product Highlights

The FITTIN racerback sports bra is made with Climacool technology which provides heat and moisture management through ventilation. It also gives a soft comfortable feel and has a high ability to soak up sweat allowing the wearer to work out with confidence. The material is made up of 62% nylon, 30% polyester and 8% spandex, it is machine washable, however, hand washing is recommended.

The low-med impact support makes it suitable for yoga, weight training, Pilates, walking and gym workouts; it would not be best suited for running. It is a seamless, racerback sports bra that is tight fitting for added support. The clasp-less pullover design makes it easy to put on and there is no risk of the clasp breaking or coming loose.

It has a super soft elastic band for ultimate comfort and movement and the wide shoulder straps and removable pads also offer extra support. Overall it is a comfortable sports bra that can be worn for light to medium exercise and will work perfectly for circuit training, spinning, and cycling. It comes in a 4-pack and is available in assorted colors.

What's to like about the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

I like the pullover style without a clasp. A clasp is something that can cause discomfort and can also break while you are exercising. Even though hand washing is recommended I like the fact that you are able to machine wash and tumble dry.

What's not to like about the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

I don’t particularly like the wide straps. They are there for extra support but could be uncomfortable for some ladies. I would also prefer the straps to be adjustable. Adjustable straps allow you to fine-tune your sports bra for the best fit possible.


  • check
    Pullover style, clasp-less
  • check
    Soft elastic band
  • check
    Climacool technology


  • Nonadjustable straps
  • Low-med impact

2. MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras

This pullover style racerback sports bra from Mirity is designed for comfort and support during high-impact sports. The moisture-wicking material is made to keep you dry, comfortable and cool throughout your workout. It offers a built-in bra for extra support and the pullover design makes it easy to put on and take off. It also has extra ventilation pads to help keep you cool. It has been designed for circuit training, kickboxing, and almost any other sport.

Product Highlights

The racerback design of the Mirity sports bra provides extra support and the bra offers medium to high support. It is suitable for jogging and dancing, and it is available in sizes up to 3XL. It is made using nylon performance 4-way stretch fabric that gives you a better fit. As it is a pullover design, it is easy to put it on and take it. It offers high support and will leave you feeling comfortable and able to focus on and enjoy your workout.

The sleek and stretchy material has been designed with moisture-wicking technology making it breathable, sweat-absorbent and quick drying. Moisture-wicking technology is designed to draw the moisture away from your body leaving you dry and fresh even during the toughest high-intensity workouts. It also boasts a built-in bra and removable padding for extra support.

What's to like about the MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras

I like that it uses moisture-wicking technology and has a built-in bra for extra support. This feature could possibly give the Mirity and edge over other sports bra brands as it offers more support for large cup sizes. The fact that the size range goes up to 3XL is also a great attraction.

What's not to like about the MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras

Removable pads in a sports bra tend to be more of an irritation than what they are worth. There have been many reports that the padding in this particular sports bra tends to move around which is extremely frustrating. It is also something that can be easily overcome by simply removing the padding altogether.


  • check
    Ventilation panels
  • check
  • check
    Removable padding


  • Padding slides around
  • Padding shows through

3. AKAMC Women’s Padded Sports Bras

This stylish sports bra from AKAMC is constructed with stretchy material that is made out of 96% nylon and 4% spandex. The final product is a stretchy, breathable snug-fitting sports bra that will offer you all the support you need during your workout. Designed more for smaller chested women, it will be suitable for most sports including running.

Product Highlights

The AKAMC sports bra is a pullover, one-piece bra that has a sexy X-style back which is designed to effectively protect against shock and prevents the bra from riding up and causing discomfort. The knit-in inner bra and wide under-band have the sole purpose of providing extra support.

The fabric has a double layer knitted construction also designed to add extra shaping and support. The bra is constructed seamlessly for ultimate comfort and to avoid chafing; chafing can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also be extremely painful. This is a medium-support sports bra that is suitable for most sports and running for ladies with a smaller cup size. The removable padding offers extra support and shaping to help protect the breasts.

What's to like about the AKAMC Women’s Padded Sports Bras

The design of this sports bra has been well thought out and has been designed to offer the maximum amount of support possible while still managing to look great and sexy. It is soft and comfortable and all round a great sports bra.

What's not to like about the AKAMC Women’s Padded Sports Bras

Again, the larger breasted women have been forgotten and even though it is available in bigger sizes it will not suite the big breasted ladies. Will look great as an everyday bra though.


  • check
    Sweat absorbent
  • check
    Available in multiple colors
  • check


  • More suited for smaller cup sizes
  • Low support for larger cup sizes

4. EMY Sports Bra

It would seem as if Emy is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the sports bra market. Their affordable, trendy and modern yet sufficient and effective sports bras are fast becoming a popular choice. The younger generation especially are loving the bright space dye colors.

Product Highlights

The 4-way stretch construction of the material gives you the ability to move freely and comfortably without limits. The fabric used is sweat-absorbent and quick drying so there will never be a time when you are left feeling cold and uncomfortable after working up a sweat. The seamless and soft knit design will prevent any friction that could lead to chafing or discomfort.

The cups have padding that can be removed as per your needs. The padding is easy to remove and put back and they are even machine washable. The Emy sports bras can be purchased in a 5-pack, 2-pack or separately. Possibly the best feature of the Emy sports bra is the keyhole back and adjustable straps. The straps are elastic and wide for extra comfort. This is a medium-support sports bra and suitable for most sports.

What's to like about the EMY Sports Bra

What I love is the fact that this sports bra has adjustable straps. This is not a feature that is found in many sports bras, but it is something that I rate very highly. Logically it just makes more sense that you would be able to achieve a more comfortable fit with the use of adjustable straps.

What's not to like about the EMY Sports Bra

While the size range does go up to an XL I just don’t see that it will fit someone with a 44DD cup or offer any support that is effective enough for a large cup size will running or doing any high impact sports. This, however, is not an issue which is unique to the Emy sports bra collection but more to sports bras in general.


  • check
    Adjustable straps
  • check
    Space dye designs
  • check
    Modern look


  • Best suited for small cup sizes
  • Low to little support for large cup sizes

5. Queenie Ke Womens Yoga Sport Bra

Available in no less than 20 different colors and designs, the Queenie Ke sports bra offers a strappy open-backed design that is sexy and at the same time effective. Again, sorry big busted ladies but the Queenie Ke has been created specifically for the smaller busted ladies and is designed as a yoga bra.

Product Highlights

Queenie Ke is known as a brand that makes high-quality and high-support sports bra and as a brand, all their sports bras are extremely popular. Made with 4-way stretch material that will fit like a second skin, which allows for maximum comfort, low-friction performance and added support.

The strappy cross back leaves a lot of the back open which leaves you feeling sexy even while you are sweating away during a workout. It also reduces shoulder and back pressure. The removable cup pads can be easily removed or replaced and provide extra support and concealment when needed.

What's to like about the Queenie Ke Womens Yoga Sport Bra

The look of this strappy cross back design is sexy and effective it is a highly sought-after bra designed for cup size A/B and specifically for yoga. There are other sports bras in the Queenie Ke range for larger cup sizes.

What's not to like about the Queenie Ke Womens Yoga Sport Bra

Not much not to like on this yoga sports bra from Queenie Ke; it is exactly what they designed and advertised it to be, which is a yoga bra for small-breasted women.


  • check
    Sexy design
  • check
    Removable padding
  • check
    Reduces shoulder and back pressure


  • Only for small cup sizes


When buying your new sports bras, the most important things to check are your measurements. This needs to be checked carefully otherwise the bra won’t fit snugly which will prohibit it from properly doing its job and possibly lead to discomfort. Know beforehand what sports activities you are going to be doing so that you know what kind of support you will need. A sports bra needs to be comfortable and fit correctly in order to be effective.

Garment Care

Your sports bra needs to be washed after every wear and should not be worn without washing as this will leave sweat stains and damage the bra. Each sports bra will have a garment care label which will give you exact instructions on how to care for your sports bra. The rule of thumb though is to wash by hand or on the low cycle in your machine using cold water and never use bleach or fabric softener when cleaning your bra. It is best to hang them to dry and to avoid using the tumble dryer.

Cup Size

If you have the perfect cup size your breasts should be centered and fully within in the cups. Lift them in and center them. Wrinkles in the material mean the cup is too big and if the breast is pressed outside of the bra then the cup is too small, or that the style of bra is the wrong cut for your breast type. Cup sizes range from AA all the way up to F.

Support Type

There are three main support types when referring to sports bras: low support, medium support and high support. Low support sports bras provide more support than the average daily bra but the lightest support of sports bras.

They are mostly recommended for low-impact sports and activities such as circuit training, yoga, Pilates and walking. Some low-support sports bras will also be good for cycling and spinning, if you have a small cup size you may be able to use a low-support sports bra for more vigorous activities.

The larger the bust size usually the higher support type that is needed, medium support sports bras are suitable for low impact activities for larger breasted ladies and for the smaller cup sizes are suitable for jogging and cycling.

High support sports bras offer maximum support for high impact sports and activities such as those activities that include running, jumping and dance. Larger busted ladies may prefer to use a high-support bra even when doing low-impact activities.

Sleeve Style

Most sports bras feature straps and no sleeves. Wider straps are more popular, however, thin straps will be found on the strappy low-support bras. The best option is to find a sports bra that has adjustable straps as this helps to perfect the fit.


Spandex sports bras are the most common option lately because of the elasticity. Microfiber is a thin, synthetic fiber that is popular for its moisture-wicking ability. Most sports bras nowadays feature moisture-wicking technology which uses synthetic microfibers to help lift sweat from the skin and transfer it to the surface of the bra, keeping the wearer fresh, dry and confident.


This is the least important feature that you need to look at when buying a sports bra, however, many sports bras have wide straps which tend to stick out of the gym tops and vests. Luckily, sports bras are available in multiple colors to match all your workout attire.

Best Sports Bra FAQs

What is a sports bra?

A sports bra is a bra that provides support to female breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than most average everyday bras, they minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments.

What do sports bras do?

When taking part in sport or working out all women should wear a sports bra for the best support during their exercise. Too much movement and impact can damage the ligaments that surround the breasts and cause them to tear or stretch. Some of this damage is permanent and irreversible. It is this damage that causes breasts to sag and becomes droopy.

Sports bras help prevent this from happening by maintaining the integrity of the breast wall and the shape of the breast. The support that a sports bra offers is the only way to prevent premature sagging and drooping and possibly discomfort.

How should a sports bra fit?

A sports bra needs to fit comfortably yet snugly in order to give you the type of support that you will need and expect from a sports bra. The breast should fit neatly inside the cup without any wrinkles on the cup. You should be able to place two fingers between your body and the band and between the strap and your shoulder. You should also be able to jump up and down without the bra riding up.

How to put on a sports bra?

Some sports bras have a clasp which you will clip at the front or the back. Most sports bras are pullover style and you would slip them on as if you were putting on a vest or shirt.

How to choose a sports bra?

When choosing a sports bra, you need to consider the type of sport or exercise you will be doing. A sports bra needs to fit snuggly without causing you discomfort. Simply taking the measurement isn’t always enough and you may make your way through a few brands and sizes before finding the best sports bra for you.

Here are a few things to look at when choosing a sports bra:

  • It should fit snugly, and you should be able to breathe comfortably
  • You should be able to fit two fingers between your shoulders and the straps
  • If you are spilling over the cup, then it is too small and if the cup has wrinkles it is too big
  • If the bra has an underwire and it is pinching you then it is no good for you
  • When you lift your arms up the band should stay in place; if it rides up, try adjusting the straps if it has that option, if not it is not the perfect bra for you
  • When jumping up and down and swinging your arms around, if you experience any pain or discomfort then you should try a different sports bra


With so many great choices on the list, it is difficult to choose only one, and it would depend on who you were asking. For the small-chested yoga lovers, the Queenie Ke yoga sports bra is hands down the best sports bra of 2018 because it well designed, great looking and effective. As not all women are small chested, for the average sized ladies the FITTIN racerback sports bra made with Climacool technology could be the best sports bra of 2018 for you.

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