How To Wear A Sports Bra Properly?

How To Wear A Sports Bra Properly
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Besides knowing what size sports bra, you will need to buy, knowing how to wear a sports bra properly is possibly one of the most important factors in making sure your sorts bra is an effective addition to your workout. Wearing a sports bra incorrectly or wearing a sports bra that does not offer the amount of support you need will be ineffective and uncomfortable.

A sports bra needs to fit comfortably and snugly in order to give you the type of support that you will need and expect from a sports bra. The breast should fit neatly inside the cup without any wrinkles on the cup. You should be able to place two fingers between your body and the band and between the strap and your shoulder. You should also be able to jump up and down without the bra riding up.

A sports bra will naturally fit tighter than your regular everyday bra, however, it should never be so tight that it restricts your breathing or doesn’t allow you to move freely.

Wearing a sports bra

You should be able to place two fingers between your shoulders and the straps. It’s important that the straps are comfortable and secure. If they’re too constricted, they will dig in. If they’re too slack, they will move around or slip off your shoulders and not offer the right amount of support. If the sports bra has adjustable straps, be sure to adjust them to a comfortable setting.

Your breasts should be fully confined and centered within the cups. Position your breasts and center them. If there are any wrinkles in the fabric, this will show the cup is too large. If the cup is too small, you will notice your breast pressing out the sides. 

Is Your Sports Bra Comfortable? 

If when doing exercise you notice the band of your sports bra riding up, it is a clear sign that you have not chosen the correct size or design sports bra for you. A sports bra that starts riding up is not only annoying but before you know it you will be experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. A sports bra that moves around will rub against you body and cause chafing.

You can experience chafing anywhere the bra makes contact and it is not limited to a certain area. The most common areas for chafing from wearing a sports bra incorrectly are the under-band area, under the arms, on the shoulders and even between the breast. Chafing is can be very painful and it is something you will want to try and avoid.

If you are finding it hard to breath and you are not able to move freely without discomfort you are most likely wearing a sports bra that is too tight. Not only is this very uncomfortable but it could also be dangerous. Anything that restricts your breathing, especially during exercise could have disastrous results. If you feel your sports bra is too tight it is not been worn correctly.

Is Your Sports Bra Comfortable

There are three main support types when referring to sports bras, Low Support, Medium support and High support. Low support sports bras provide more support than the average daily bra but have the lightest support of sports bras. They are mostly recommended for low impact sports and activities such as circuit training, yoga, Pilates and walking. Some low support sports bras will also be good for cycling and spinning, if you have a small cup size you may be able to use a low support sports bra for more vigorous activities.

The larger the bust size usually the higher support type that is needed, medium support sports bras are suitable for low impact activities for larger breasted ladies and for the smaller cup sizes are suitable for jogging and cycling. 

The Bottom Line 

High support sports bras offer maximum support for high impact sports and activities such as those activities that include running, jumping and dance. Larger busted ladies may prefer to use a high support bra even when doing low impact activities.

If you do not wear the correct impact support for the type of sport or activity you are involved in you will damage your breasts. So, to wear your sports bra properly and effectively, you need to ensure that it is not too tight and it fits snugly but comfortably. You need to have the proper impact support for your cup size and sport and you need to have the correct size bra. If you take all of this into consideration, you'll be able to make the most of your sports bra!

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